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The Details Interesting Rolex Day-Date Variants April 5, 2020

Within the Rolex lineup, different models serve distinctly different purposes. For divers who require a hard-wearing timepiece, the logical answer is undoubtedly the storied Submariner or a Sea-Dweller for the more daring. Pilots that need to track multiple timezones need not look further than the GMT Master, and for a simple top tier watch suited for any given Sunday, the Datejust is your best bet. Each of these models has played a significant role in earning the brand its international reputation for quality, but when it comes to luxury-driven prestige, all eyes are on the famed Day-Date. Although the bulk of its production is made up of the more conventional variants, it’s the individual and indulgent executions that have put the model on the map. Before taking the plunge on a President, why not tempt yourself with a refresher on some of the more lavish pieces to proudly bear the Day-Date name?

Isaac Wingold
Watches + Style Watches & Style: Miles Davis March 22, 2020

It really does go without saying that throughout history, few have left a mark on the world as notably as Miles Davis. Over the course of his career, Davis explored a variety of daring musical avenues within the framework of jazz, earning him international acclaim whilst influencing his peers. Though in addition to pioneering styles and advancing jazz through now celebrated sessions and recordings, the American trumpeter, composer, and bandleader had truly ineffable style, which should come as no surprise. Stories and photographic efforts of those who surrounded Davis can now be referenced to paint a vivid picture of just exactly how impeccable the man’s taste was, which we’ll now explore.

A Brief History of The Rolex Sea Dweller

Like all Rolex sports models, the Sea-Dweller has gone through only iterative changes throughout the years. Placing a modern Sea-Dweller next to a vintage reference from, let’s say, the 1970s, you’d be able to determine which model was newer, but the fifty-year-old version wouldn’t seem antiquated at all. All Sea-Dwellers are marked by a few key design indicators that have made them an essential piece of kit for dive professionals.

Zach Kazan
A Brief History of The Tudor Story

Forever the little brother - Tudor has had a rich an illustrious history that is unfortunately often overshadowed by its parent company Rolex. Here we tell that amazing story.

Cameron Barr
Buyer's Guide The Omega Soccer Timers

In the late 1960s, Omega produced a few chronographs that's design was just as interesting as its intended functionality. One such instance is the Omega Seamaster "Soccer Timer" chronograph. The Omega soccer timers are correspondingly recognized and appreciated for their unique and vividly colored dials with complications and measurements of time that cater to the specific timing of soccer matches.

Rich Fordon
A Brief History of A Brief History Of: The Universal Geneve Polerouter

Designed by arguably one of the most influential watch designers to ever be recognized. The Universal Geneve Polerouter series of watches would become one of the most notable Universal Geneve watches of the post-war era.

Isaac Wingold

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