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It’s about reverence. A reverence to the artistry, skills and time required to get a job done, and get it done right. Craft + Tailored we are dedicated to telling the stories of the amazing objects and the people who craft and use them.

Buyer's Guide Buyers Guide: Undervalued Rolex References February 18, 2020

When the terms affordability and budget-friendly are brought up in conversation by watch collectors, it’s not often that the name Rolex is uttered. Understandably, this is due to the reputation the brand enjoys as a result of the above-retail prices which many modern, maxi-case references trade at — along with the continued, record-breaking success of the vintage Rolex market.

A Brief History of Notable Explorers who wore Explorer II’s February 14, 2020

With its stark orange accents and truly unique, borderline checkerboard indices, Rolex’s Ref. 1655 Explorer II stands out boldly against the rest of the lineup. Originally developed to suit the needs of spelunking explorers, who experienced difficulty discerning between day and night during extended periods inside caves, the reference would later find its way onto the wrists of all sorts of accomplished and daring individuals.

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The Details The Famed Valjoux 72 Movement

Despite this increased awareness for in-house calibers, the so-called base or “ébauche” calibers produced in larger numbers remain valued and appreciated for their workhorse reliability. Of all the base calibers, few are held in higher regard than the famed Valjoux 72, which you’ll find beneath the caseback of watches like the Rolex Daytona, Heuer Carrera, and Breitling Navitimer among others. Today we explore its history and the reasoning behind its well deserved praise.

The Details Rolex Fabric Texture Dials

Of all the textured Rolex dials, the most iconic is more than likely the “linen dial.” It’s defined by its scratchy looking, crosshatched surface, which as you’d guess is inspired by the appearance of woven linen fabrics. Let’s take a closer look at these textured Rolex rarities.

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