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It’s about reverence to the artistry, skills and time required to get a job done, and get it done right. Craft + Tailored is dedicated to telling the stories of amazing objects and the people who created and use them.

Buyer's Guide Buyer’s Guide: Stone & Wood Dial Rolex July 13, 2020

Among the rarest and valuable dress Rolex ever produced are those with dials of stone or wood. Let’s dig into a selection of these ‘organic’ dialed Datejusts and Day-Dates.

Isaac Wingold
The Details The Obsession With Rolex Boxes & Paperwork July 6, 2020

So you’ve decided it’s time for a new watch, and instead of playing into the waiting list game, you’ve set your sights on a vintage Rolex to set yourself apart. Though you’ve already earned yourself a few points, there are still a few crucial things to be considered before starting the hunt. This article covers the details behind the collecting of boxes and paperwork.

Isaac Wingold
A Brief History of The Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust is one of the most iconic and beloved watches made by Rolex. Launched in 1945, it remains a timeless classic and is instantly recognizable as an item of superior quality and functional design. The Datejust can be worn just as easily with a suit as it can be with jeans and a t-shirt. In this article, we discuss the Rolex Datejust in detail and provide a historical overview of one of the most iconic models to have ever come from the brand.

Cameron Barr
What Is On My Wrist 1966 Omega Seamaster 300 165.024

In this episode of "What Is On My Wrist" Cam talks about a 1966 Omega Seamaster 300 Ref. 165.024. There is something about the early vintage Omega Seamasters that truly embodies the golden era of dive watches of the 1960-1970s. Cam takes us through this cool example from 1966 and provides a brief overview of the vintage Omega Seamaster 300 reference range.

The Details Watches and Sporting

How do you sell a watch to someone in the cell phone age? It’s a question being asked by dealers, journalists, and, of course, marketing teams at the big watch brands every single day. The day of the watch, in many ways, is past us. We don’t need them. So selling them as a necessity is out. But we all want something to aspire to, and that’s the key to understanding why

Zach Kazan

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