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Under the Radar 1957 Enicar Sea Pearl September 21, 2021

From the swooping “ultrasonic” branding on its dial (and the innovation it advertises) to the watch’s history as a favorite of Navy Seals, to its distinctly mid-century design cues, this Enicar boasts that magic combination of form, history, and function which we simply go nuts for at Craft+Tailored.

Tyler Vanes
Buyer's Guide How to Buy a Rolex ‘Zenith’ Daytona September 17, 2021

Few watches have enjoyed the market boom that Rolex’s Zenith-powered Daytonas have in recent years. They’re extremely loveable and wearable watches and are a hot buy for a reason -- but how do you know which one is right for you? Consult our comprehensive Zenith Daytona buyer’s guide and wonder no more!

Ripley Sellers
What Is On My Wrist Heuer Monaco “Tropical” McQueen

Craft+Tailored CEO Cam Barr takes a look at a mind-bendingly cool Heuer Monaco “McQueen” ref. 1133B with a “tropical” dial in this episode of our series What is on My Wrist.

Look Closer Are You Buying a Watch or a Story?

Why do we love vintage watches so much? Are you buying a watch, or are you buying a story? What stories can these small mechanical wonders tell us via their wear and tear? If two Submariners were born on the same day in the same factory, what factors led them to look so drastically different decades later? We explore these questions and more in this feature.

Christian Amato

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