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Under the Radar: 1960s Elgin Automatic

In this weeks episode of 'Under the Radar', Tyler talks us through this interesting Elgin piece from the 1960s while discussing the history of the brand and why this piece checks the boxes when it comes to vintage collectability.

Elgin was a watch company originating from Elgin, Illinois, and was founded in 1864 under the name “National Watch Company” and officially became “Elgin National Watch Company” in 1874. The first wristwatch for Elgin came into production in 1910 and in the Second World War, Elgin produced both watches and military instruments for the United States Military. Unfortunately, Elgin disbanded in the year 1968. All US manufacturing discontinued and the Elgin name was sold. After the Elgin name’s initial sale, the name passed through several hands which resulted in some interesting pieces that were manufactured under the Elgin name from all over the world.

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Head of operations at C+T, Tyler Vanes is an avid watch collector and the host of ‘Under the Radar’ focusing on some of the more obscure and unknown – yet still collectable vintage timepieces.

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