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1960s Seiko Motorist (Ref. J14108E) "Gold Cap"

Vintage Seiko Motorist Ref. J14108E

In this episode of “Under The Radar” Tyler reviews a 1960s Seiko Motorist (Ref. J14108E) “Gold Cap”  This unbelievably unique driver’s Seiko screams “MOD!”. With its asymmetrical-cut case and offset 12 o’clock, we love this peculiar and rare piece. The Seiko Motorist was introduced in 1964 and is said to be a variant of the Seiko Harmony, which was a line of lady’s watches. This watch sits perfectly within the unisex category, as it would look brilliant on a man or woman.

The tilted 12 o’clock not only looks devastatingly cool but also functions perfectly for the man (or woman) on the go, as the 12 o’clock is angled upright when the left hand is positioned at 10 o’clock on the steering wheel. The perfect watch for a solitary cruise down your favorite highway…

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