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It's about more than items or objects.

It’s about reverence. A reverence to the artistry, skills and time required to get a job done, and get it done right. Craft + Tailored we are dedicated to telling the stories of the amazing objects and the people who craft and use them.

Art & Design The Leica Q2: Nine Days In Hong Kong October 7, 2019

I travel a lot, and by a lot, it is on average three weeks out of every 4 in the month. I do two things as soon as the wheels touch down in the destination I find myself landing in. When the plane lands, the first thing I do is set my watch to the time zone I am in. Out of superstition, I only set my watch when I land and never in the air or before getting on my flight. The second thing I do is open my Filson backpack and reach for the camera in my bag.

Cameron Barr
Buyer's Guide The Benrus Type I + II October 3, 2019

Regardless of where you focus your collecting efforts, there’s an undeniable universal appeal to the brute, no-nonsense nature of military watches. While those that collect vintage military watches in today’s day and age could largely be described as so-called “desk divers,” knowing that your watch is capable of handling whatever it may encounter is a reassuringly epic feeling. Throughout history, many of the most celebrated watchmakers have lent a hand to militaries of the world by way of wristwatch production, though as one might expect, not all military issued timepieces were created equally. With an eye for rugged durability, lasting design, and historical significance, we now take a look at a family of watches regarded by many as one of the best of the best, and with very good reason.

Icons The Leica M

To understand the M’s significance in photographic history, you first have to wrap your head around those that came before it, and the development of the Leica brand as a whole. Let’s explore the history of this legendary “piece of kit,” and discuss what exactly makes it so special.

Watches + Style Watches & Style: Miles Davis

Over the course of his career, Davis explored a variety of daring musical avenues within the framework of jazz, earning him international acclaim whilst influencing his peers. Though in addition to pioneering styles and advancing jazz through now celebrated sessions and recordings, the American trumpeter, composer, and bandleader had truly ineffable style, which should come as no surprise.

Cameron Barr

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