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453 South Spring St. Suite 1100. Los Angeles, California 90013.

The Craft & Tailored Vintage Eyewear Collection

Part of the Craft & Tailored company ethos revolves around the saying “Its more than just watches” and its no secret that we are fans of iconic, timeless and functional design. We are very excited to announce the launch of the Craft & Tailored vintage eyewear collection.

Much like the watches we are passionate about the Craft & Tailored vintage eyewear collection revolves around purpose-built designs. We are focusing on manufacturers that utilize high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and styles that carry with them a history. Each pair represents an iconic, timeless style.

We will be continually sourcing our favorite designs from Ray-Ban, American Optical, and Persol among a few select others. Be sure to check out the product listings in our shop to learn about the history, heritage and design elements that make each piece a must-have within your personal collection!

Visit the shop to browse the collection.

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