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Universal Genève Space-Compax (Ref. 885104/01)

In this episode of “What Is On My Wrist ” Cam talks about a 1967 Universal Genève Space-Compax (Ref. 885104/01) that is in absolutely stunning condition. Universal Genève created its first chronograph in 1917 and roughly 18 years later, they launched their first “Compax” in which many variations were to follow. In particular, the Universal Genève Space Compax ref 885104/01 was designed to endure harsh conditions while supporting excellent functionality. There are have been various speculations about the intended purpose and inspiration behind the design of the Space-Compax but there has never been an official statement to support any of these theories. The most probable conclusion is that the “Space Compax” was designed to replace the Omega Speedmaster as the watch of preference by NASA during a time in history in which space exploration was at the forefront of international news and public consciousness.

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