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1970's Aquadive 1000 Caribbean Triple-Safe

In this episode of “What Is On My Wrist” Cam talks about a 1970’s Aquadive 1000 Caribbean Triple-Safe . Aquadive was a serious dive watch company that created wristwatches within the “golden era” of dive watches, with functionality first based mentality. The Aquadive brand helped shape this era through its design language devoted strictly to subaquatic wristwatches. This made for some funky and clever designs that had a scuba divers’ best interests in mind, that being extreme water resistance and high visibility.

The Aquadive 1000 Atmos (3333ft.) is a grandiose display of dive watch technology, achieving water resistance depths that surpassed even the Rolex Sea-Dweller at the time. This is due in part the the “Jenny Triple-Safe” case design, which employs a large monobloc case. The Jenny brand was the behind the scenes case designer for many of the dive watches produced throughout the 60s and 70s.

The bright blue bakelite bezel, the highly reflective “Scotchlite” blue dial, and the oversized 50mm monobloc case of the Aquadive 1000 Caribbean Triple-Safe combine to make for an unmistakably retro dive watch. This bright and large dive watch makes an excellent pairing with sunlight and warm weather and is a favorite summer watch for collectors around the world.

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