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The Benrus Type I Reissue

In this episode of 'What is on my Wrist' Cam takes a look at the new (as of November 2020) reissued version of the iconic Benrus Type I. This reissue has been marketed as a faithful recreation of the original.

We don’t usually feature modern timepieces as our expertise lies within the vintage realm, but when these reissues come around our curiosity gets the best of us. As a quick disclaimer, this isn’t a paid review of any kind. Cam logged onto the Hodinkee site like everyone else and purchased this timepiece for his own collection at full retail. Now that that’s out of the way – check out the video comparing this new release and an original Type II that we happen to have had on hand.

For more information about Benrus, and especially their military history. Check out our guide to the Benrus Type I and II vintage pieces.

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